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New Products
cam now automatically sets different angles to maximize the length of the cut pattern and/or minimize the con- necting moves.
Advanced Drill, a new toolpath, is a customizable multi-segment drill cycle that is useful for spot drilling, deep hole drilling, and back spot fac- ing. Each segment of the drill cycle can be defined in a table, and for each segment, you can customize any or all conditions. The new Chamfer drill uses tools with a tip angle and cham- fers holes after calculating the correct depth based on the desired width or depth. Additional Improvements in Mastercam Mill include: Improved toolpath processing time and surface
New Product
accuracy for many Multiaxis toolpaths,
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Open Mind Technologies AG has
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2021.1 CAD/CAM software suite
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SMART wire Technology
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Check Tool Reach has been added.
—GF Machining Solutions
GF Machining Solutions show- cased the lat-
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Manufacturing Information (PdMatIe),awndhich is trans quency identifi-
new “Interactive Edit Toolpath” capa-
cation (RFID) technology for Industry
a new import function that retrieves
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