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New Products
CAD models as well as 2D engineering drawings. REcreate’s analysis tools also enable manufacturing profession- als to interrogate those 3D models and validate whether they are manufactur- able before exporting as CAD or STL for computer aided manufacturing (CAM) or additive manufacturing processes.
While designed to be interoperable and slot into a customer’s existing processes, the solution offers addi- tional benefits to customers that use other Hexagon technologies in their workflow. Sites that use Hexagon’s portable arms for inspection can reduce training needs by allowing any opera- tor to read inspection data directly from the device to reverse engineer using a single solution.
Mastercam Mill Develop- ments Target a Stream- lined Manufacturing Pro- cess
—CNC Software
Mastercam Mill offers expanded machining flexibility and an increased emphasis on speed and automation.
The new 3+2 Automatic Roughing toolpath automatically makes multi- plane 3-axis toolpaths for roughing. Mastercam analyzes the model and stock, and then creates a roughing toolpath. Mastercam calculates the remaining stock and computes a new toolpath. This continues until only a defined amount of stock remains, and results are all contained within one toolpath. Multiaxis Roughing has been
enhanced and renamed to Multiaxis Pocketing and includes new options such as undercut roughing, wall finish- ing, and floor finishing.
The new Unified Multiaxis toolpath allows you to select multiple pieces of input geometry to generate the toolpath pattern. Then, using those geometry choices, the toolpath picks the best algorithm to calculate the path.
Enhancements include the ability to keep created passes equidistant in 3D by adding cuts in steep areas, the capability to set the exact number of cutting passes, reverse cutting direc- tion, confining curves to Tool tip or Tool contact point, as well as two new methods in the Cut method options. By applying Automatic and Custom Angles to Raster Toolpaths, Master-
Ergonomic, simple yet powerful, we guarantee added productivity one toolholder at a time!
Elbo Controlli Tool Presetters combine the best of both worlds for thermal stability and optical precision. This combination provides the highest level of repeatability and reproducibility making Elbo Controlli Presetters ideal for most tool measuring and inspecting applications.
       Granite Construction:
With the base and column made of granite, inconsistent measurements that result from temperature variations are eliminated.
Optical Vision System:
Optical Scales coupled with a dual lit variable LED vision system ensures clear and accurate measurements.
Precision Spindles:
Constructed with triple re-circulating bearing support locations, quick spindle change outs can be achieved with extreme repeatability.
Broad Selection:
From simple 2-axis measurements to integrated automatic tool management systems, we offer presetters tailored
to your tooling environment.
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