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New Products
cally engineered for drilling, reaming and rifling of small-caliber gun barrels. Sold under the Precihole brand name, the machines can be combined into processing cells that enable a manu- facturer to efficiently drill, ream, and rifle as many as 20,000 small-caliber firearm barrels a month.
A cell is typically composed of three machines. First, Precihole’s four-spin- dle gun drilling machine permits deep drilling of four barrels simultaneously. An open machine configuration facili- tates robot access, minimizing opera- tor involvement and supporting 24/7 operation. Depending on individual model configuration, the machine can drill IDs from 0.04” to 1.57” and barrel stock from 0.4” - 4.0” OD.
Next in the process is a 2-spindle pull-reaming machine that features au- tomation for insertion and reposition- ing of reamers. Reduced setup time and rapid operating parameters (0-20 IPM pulling speeds) support high-volume barrel finishing and polishing. Dif- ferent machine configurations handle reaming diameters from 0.15” to 0.59” and depths from 24” – 60.”
Finally, Precihole’s button rifling machine forms precise barrel grooves
at speeds up to 80 IPM. Depending the machine model, rifling size can range from 0.15” - 0.59”, and depth from 24” – 60”.
Comprehensive Five-Axis
Machine Tool with Auto-
mation System
—Methods Machine Tools
Methods Machine Tools, Inc. recently released the MB 650U Au- tomatic Manufacturing Package (MB 650U AMP).
The MB 650U AMP blends the pre- cision and speed of Methods’ five-axis MB 650U and the convenience of the six-pallet Indunorm automatic pallet
       Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing, Inc.
Multi-Axis CNC Swiss Turning
CNC Swiss Micro Machining
  Quick Approvals on New and Used Machines
Application Only Financing for up to $500,000
7-Year Financing Available Simple Interest Loans Available
  Part Sizes .005” Dia. To 1-1/4” Diam with 9 Axis of Machining Capability
Pacific Swiss & Mfg., Inc.
15423 S.E. Piazza Ave., Clackamas, OR 97015 * |
CNC Swiss Minature Machining
   CNC Swiss Turning
  CNC Swiss Micro Machining Shown above: Micro machined parts with table salt
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