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face quality information and metadata when importing CAD data from neutral or native formats, and attaches data to the imported faces in hyperCAD®-S, making the information available to hyperMILL® and its machining processes.
A new 5-axis Radial Machining strategy allows bottle shapes and simi- lar cavities to be easily and efficiently programmed in hyperMILL®. For optimal high precision machining, hyperMILL® “High Precision Surface Mode” and “Smooth Overlap” strate- gies can also be applied when using 5-axis radial machining.
For high quality surface finishes and to simplify programming when flank and point milling blades, hyperMILL®
2021.1 offers several enhanced multi- blade strategies. Using the enhanced strategies, any number of surfaces are permitted for the suction and pressure sides, making it exceptionally easy to extend blade surfaces. Fillets with a variable radius are supported in the latest version of hyperMILL®. Also, for high accuracy, the enhanced Multi- Blade flank milling strategies result in smaller deviations on the suction and pressure side, and offer improved tool guidance along the upper boundary in the edge area.
hyperMILL® 2021.1 provides a new, powerful SIMULATION Cen- ter for generic NC data in turning and milling operations. Modeled after the hyperMILL® VIRTUAL
Machining Center, the new, modern SIMULATION Center is integrated in hyperMILL®, and offers an intuitive operating environment.
Additional new features in hyper- MILL® 2021.1 include a new, easy- to-use “XY Optimization” command for optimal 3D profile finishing.
Small-Caliber Gun Barrel Processing Cell Incorpo- rates Drilling, Reaming and Rifling
—Absolute Machine Tools
Absolute Machine Tools’ extensive offering of machine tools and automa- tion systems includes machines specifi-
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