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 error on all machines is now 1.7+L/333 μm when measurements are taken of a feature L millimeters in length be- tween 18°C and 22°C, irrespective of whether a TP200, SP25, TP20 or PH20 probe is used. This performance rep- resents length measurement accuracy improvements of 22%, 22%, 32% and 43% for the four respective probes.
Optimization of the pre-loaded, wrap-around air bearing configuration was feasible due to the rigidity of LK’s high-performance ceramic guideway, which allows it to maintain structural integrity under extreme conditions.
The inclusion of Renishaw encod- ers with 0.05 μm-resolution optical scales offers high volumetric accuracy and immunity to the ingress of con-
taminants. LK’s powerful CAMIO DMIS-based, multi-sensor software enables programming and measure- ment based on 3D CAD data, as well as comprehensive reporting.
Reverse Engineering
From Metrology to Manu-
facturable Parts with
Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intel- ligence division unveiled REcreate, a new software solution designed ‘from the ground up’ to make it easier and faster to reverse engineer parts from metrology scan to manufacturable
Designed to remove complexity,
REcreate provides a single working environment from scan to manufac- turable CAD model. The user can prepare CAD models and drawings from any point cloud data. Its fully featured CAD tool suite enables users to create complete and manufacturable
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Ultra-Precision Accuracy – 0.0002" TIR Superior Grip Force Over Jaw Chucks Widest Gripping Range – 0.062"
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