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New Products
bar puller that enables automatic operation of CNC lathes. The auto adjust feature
is driven by
an “X” value in the pulling subroutine of a lathe pro- gram. This value rep- resents the distance the tool needs to move in the X-axis ac- cording to the bar diameter being pulled.
The patented design of the EZ- Puller uses a cam and lifter system. Hardened steel grippers are attached to
hardened steel pivot arms. These arms have an integral cam lobe machined at the top of the arm. As the grippers advance over the bar stock, internal urethane springs are compressed. The urethane springs provide a reactive force that allows the grippers to se- curely hold the bar stock.
Other features of the EZ-Puller are that it will accommodate an infi- nite range of sizes within its capac- ity without mechanical adjustment, allowing for multiple pulls. Multiple pulls are used for longer parts that cannot be cost-effectively machined in one chucking. The design of the EZ-Puller also allows for pulling bars with minimal projection in front of the work-holding chuck. This charac- teristic allows the machinist to set-up with as little as two gripper serrations
(.120”) of engagement.
Machine Vision Software
—Vision Gauge
Methods Machine Tools, Inc., recently announced new software en- hancements to VisionGauge OnLine, machine vision software for automated inspection, verification, and data col- lection.
One of the main upgrades improves the speed and usability of the Vision- Gauge Digital Optical Comparator 700 series. The Digital Optical Comparator 700 Series is a five-axis measurement/ inspection system that obtains accurate measurements and displays them as crisp, high-resolution images.
The upgrade gives users two options
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