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New Products
  New 3-Flute Replaceable
Tip Drills
Ingersoll’s new TwistSFeed drill family features a 3-flute quick-change tip with an upgraded clamping mecha- nism designed to maximize produc-
tivity. Ingersoll reports that unlike conventional 3-flute solid carbide drills, TwistSFeed utilizes a unique, self-centering point to ensure optimal performance, precision and stability for all applications.
Ingersoll reports that TwistSFeed reduces costs by improving tool life as well as achieving higher productivity due to multiple flutes along with new IN2205 coating designed for steel and cast iron applications. The clamping mechanism allows for the simple replacement of drill tips as well as ac- commodating multiple tip diameters per drill body facilitating economical stock management for end users.
Tips are available in diameters from .6299”-8288” and bodies include 3xD and 5xd L:D ratios.
New Positioning and
Clamping Additions
Jergens Inc. announces expanded multi-rail solutions for its OK Vise range of low-profile modular clamping. The additions include a number of par- allels and side guides for positioning, as well as Clamp and Stop Modules to hold workpieces securely during
18” to 50” Swings, Beds to 280”, Spindle Bores to 12”
 WEBB Heavy-Duty MA Series Lathes
Models with 18” & 21” Swing also available
 56 CNC WEST April/May 2021
MA 30”/33” Bed Lengths to 240”
 MA 25” Bed Lengths to 160”
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