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New Products
function and the Mitsubishi M8 series control. The LoadMate Plus can also interface with other control types via remote I/O connectivity.
Built-in casters enable users to move the LoadMate cell from machine to machine. The cell enclosure is de- signed to handle heavy payloads and significant part momentum. Additional
guarding and fencing may not be nec- essary when the cell is positioned cor- rectly in tandem or in close proximity to the CNC machine. Depending on the application, the cell can be secured in position using built-in ratchet pads or an optional floor-mount latching system.
New Pneumatic Subplates And Multi-Pull Stud Fix- ture Plates
Jergens Inc. announces its two new sets of solutions within the company’s popular Zero Point System (ZPS) product range that provide a further- optimized basis for part changeover and machining performance.
The first set of additions includes a choice of six different pneumatic sub- plates, each featuring pre-installed low pressure pneumatic clamping modules. There are three 2-module units and three 4-module units to suit different machine table configurations. The pneumatic subplates are constructed of Fremax 15 Steel (or equivalent) and include quick connects for change- over speed and porting for blowout
in between machining cycles. System repeatability is less than 0.0002 in.
The second set of additions is com- prised of aluminum or steel fixture plates with pre-installed pull-studs. The two-stud model is suitable for two module subplates and includes one ZPS stud and one timing stud. The four-stud model, suitable for four module subplates, includes ZPS and timing studs plus two additional clear- ance studs.
“By adding standardized pneumatic subplates and fixture plates, we’re of- fering our customers an important set of optimized choices to make it even easier for them to install and use ZPS”, says Mike Antos, Workholding Solu- tions product manager for Jergens Inc.
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