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New Products
 to supply the measurement system with hole coordinate data directly from a laser, electric discharge machining (EDM) drill, or machine tool. Once transferred from the machine to the Digital Optical Comparator 700 Se- ries, users can display the data using a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software package.
The VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparator 700 Series and Vision- Gauge OnLine are manufactured and produced by VisionX, Inc. VisionX manufactures automated imaging, visual inspection, and high-accuracy measurement systems and inspection machines. The company develops sup- port software, systems, and specialized components for machine vision, image analysis, visual inspection, general de- fect detection, and metrology. Methods Machine Tools, Inc. is the sole importer
of VisionX products in the United States and Mexico.
LoadMate Plus Robotic Cell From Mitsubishi Elec- tric
—Absolute Machine Tools
The LoadMate Plus Machine Tending Robotic Cell from Absolute Machine Tools partner Mitsubishi Electric Automation streamlines part loading, unloading and palletizing in low-to-high volume applications. It features portability, easy setup and programming, high performance.
Mitsubishi and Absolute jointly designed the plug-and-play cell. It consists of a Mitsubishi industrial robot, a wheeled stainless steel base, a clear polycarbonate cell enclosure featuring a safety door with an inter-
lock switch, and a side table extension. The cell accommodates Mitsubishi 6-axis RV-series robots ranging in load capacity from 7 kg to 20 kg and reach up to 1,388mm. Integrating the robot cell with a CNC machine is a one-step process using a single Ethernet cable, Mitsubishi’s Direct Robot Control
 Automated Multi-Sensor Video Measuring System
High accuracy, speed, and usability
     • Nikon’s world-renowned zoom optical system features low distortion, wide FOV, with precise edge detection and pattern recognition.
• Easy and accurate measurements optimized for 2D and 3D parts
• Multi-sensor with standard vision, laser autofocus, and touch probe
• Various stage sizes and accessories available to help fit any application
Now available with the latest CMM-Manager software
CMM-Manager is a full feature metrology software that’s easy to use and offers cross-platform performance for manual and automated vision systems. (800) 552-6648
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