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New Products
T Slot, magnetic (including a tall
version) and Snap-in Parallels assist in the positioning of a workpiece on the RM rail, avoiding contact with the ser- rations through a raised datum surface. Choose from T-nut, magnetic mount or snap-in for even faster installation. Mechanical and magnetic Side Guides also assist in positioning the workpiece on the multi-rail. They are mounted either to the tapped holes in the side of the rail or via the strong magnet for a wide range adjustment and the ability to move rapidly from one loca- tion to another. Users can adjust each side guide for a specific product while keeping the guide ready for the next production batch.
Holding workpieces securely with
OK Vise is done with clamp and stop modules. New B and D series clamp modules feature a standard clamp combined with a riser plate (B Series only), socket head cap screw, and t- nut, as well as a choice of jaw faces – smooth, serrated, mixed and mounting jaw. Stop modules hold fast against clamping pressure and are available in several styles including smooth, serrated, knife, V-stops – both vertical and horizontal – and more.
In total, these workholding innova- tions perform with high repeatability on Jergens OK Vise Multi-Rail system, a unique general-purpose workholding solution. Several advantages of this system include near-endless fixture configurations, holding and machining challenging workpieces both large and
small including multiples clamped si- multaneously, and the ability to mount to the Jergens QLS Grid System.
Expanded Capacity Bar
—Accudyne Products
Accudyne Products introduces its expanded capacity bar puller for CNC lathe automation. The new EZ-Puller expanded capacity supports larger round bar diameters of .093” to 2.00” and weighs of up to 100lbs. Hex bar capacity of .250” to 1.375”, and square bar capacity of .250” to 1.000” are pulled without an M19 (spindle orien- tation) function.
The EZ-Puller is an auto-adjusting
 Boom Aerospace Relies on Verisurf Software
  “Verisurf software works with all our measuring devices and CAD files, and those used by our supply chain. Using Verisurf as a common measurement platform has improved quality and efficiency in inspection, reverse engineering, tool building and assembly guidance at Boom.”
  See the difference Verisurf can make in your shop, with your parts. Contact us today. • 866-340-5551
“When you
are designing and building a supersonic commercial aircraft, precision and quality verification of every part is critical.”
Todd Wyatt
Metrologist, Boom Aerospace
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