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 New Products
  workholding solutions.
“The MK Series offers improved
performance with higher resistance to machining forces via improved brake/ clamping torque. Clamping torque for the MK Series is up to an impressive 1,000 Nm or 737 ft-lbs. of torque. With this enhanced capability, even the toughest applications are now within reach,” said a company spokesperson.
The MK Series features a com-
pact, ergonomic design that allows for improved and easier mounting. A wide selection of multi-channel rotary joints makes the MK Series versatile when choosing hydraulic or pneumatic workholding options.
The MK Series Rotary Tables are suited for automation environments where a secure hand-off from the ro- bot to the workholding device can be confirmed via direct or indirect clamp confirmation.
New Pin Vise
—5th Axis
5th Axis Inc. co-owner Steve Gr- angetto announced that the firm would manufacture and sell pin vise fixtures for 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC machines. Pin Vises are high-precision, quality
fixtures featuring a skeleton design that makes them lighter, more compact, and cost-effective.
Pin Vises have a small footprint, al- lowing room for more parts on a table resulting in increased throughput. Pin Vises are also lightweight making them ideal for automated applications where
• Dimensional Inspection • Reverse Engineering
• 3D Scanning
• CT Scanning
• Calibration
• On-Site Measurement • Part Sorting
• Training & Consulting
• Multi-Sensor Vision Systems • 3D Scanners
• CMMs & Portable CMMs
• Optical Comparators
• Form & Roundness Systems
• Surface Roughness Analyzers • Metrology Software
• Custom Gages & Fixtures
                         Q-PLUS Labs, Irvine, CA
   - Carbide Inserts
- Taps
- Reamers
- Counter Bores
- Counter Sinks
- Drills
- End Mills.
- Tool Holders
- Router Bits
- Slitting Saws
- Tools for Composites
- Screws & Nuts
- Special Tools per print
- Radius to End Mills
       P: 888-308-6657
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