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New Products
helix angle flutes provide extensive vibration dampening and are precision ground with advanced edge prepara- tion to maximize chip evacuation. A chamfer feature protects cutting edges to prevent chipping, and end mills with fully blended corner radiuses extend tool life, while providing improved surface finishes.
Emuge -Franken reports that all TOP-Cut VAR end mills have an advanced ALCR PVD coating that enables outstanding performance and extended life in higher operating tem- peratures, and a proprietary sub-micro grain carbide provides maximum abra- sion resistance and durability.
New TS 760 Probe with CNC Controls for 5-axis Machining
HEIDENHAIN introduces the new TS 760 touch probe for use with its contouring TNC and other major CNC controls. This device is distinguished by 3-D accuracy making it especially useful during 5-axis machining and more.
The new TS 760 probe offers ex- tremely high accuracy (±1 μm) and homogeneous switching behavior over 360°. And for 3-D measurement, the feed rate/probing speed of 1 m/min is four times faster than other com- mercially available products that offer
the same impressive repeatability of (2σ ≤ 0.25 μm).
The TS 760 also offers an ultra-low trig- ger force of (≈ 0.2 N; axial: ≈ 1.5 N) elimi- nating form and sur- face damage. And if desired, the probing point can be cleaned with the integrated flusher feature by us- ing compressed air and cooling lubricant of up to 60 bars.
The new probe system uses a su- perior EnDat communication signal, along with the SE 661 that offers a
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