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                New Products New Products
SMART wire Technology for AgieCharmilles CUT P
4.0-level process control.
Thanks to SMART wire’s monitor-
GF Machining Solutions customer
services offers a wide range of SMART
provides superior guidance and rigid-
ing capabilities, the machine operator
wires to help optimize machine perfor- range of applications, including turn-
New Turning System Has
ity. Speed, stroke, daylight, and shut
always knows how much wire is avail-
mance and improve process continuity ing and facing, smooth surfaces, inter-
—GF Machining Solutions
Eight Cutting Edges Per
height are fully configurable to the
GF Machining Solutions show-
able for the current job. The moment
and traceability.
rupted and heavily interrupted cuts.
customer’s exact needs, while options cased the lat-
Insearstpool of SMART wire is installed,
From medium depth-of-cut to roughing
in steels, cast iron and challenging ma-
for heated platens, HPU configura- est innovations
tions, and safety equipment add to the in electrical
the operator with peace of mind that heavy-duty turning system, which
terials like stainless steel, Fix8 handles
line’s flexibility. discharge ma-
it all. Even extreme feed rates of up to
As with all Beckwood presses, the chining (EDM)
there will be enough wire on the spool the company says delivers maximum
chine with Small Footprint
AscentTM line is built in the USA, en- at its booth at
to complete cutting operations without metal removal rates in steel, stainless
gineered for Infinite Life using Finite EMO Hannover
steel and cast iron. With eight cutting
are possible with Fix8,” says Matthew
As the successor of the MILLTAP
Element Analysis, and backed by the 2019, including
At the same time, wire traceability edges per insert, the Fix8 turning sys-
Fuerst, product manager, Kennametal.
700 (with more than 3,000 machines
company’s service and support team. SMART wire
is enhanced with SMART wire’s ability tem is said to increase productivity of
The design of the Fix8 insert fea- installed), the DMP 70, by DMG
which lever-
ages radio fre-
quency identifi-
cation (RFID) technology for Industry
manufacture, type, lot and expiration providing the lowest cost per edge
the insert securely into the pocket seat, productivity in the smallest space.
the CUT P machine recognizes the
available length of wire and provides Kennametal has released the Fix8
Dynamic Production Ma-
to provide information such as date of heavy-duty turning operations while
tures a rigid clamping system that pulls MORI, is designed to offer maximum
date, which is transmitted via RFID to and reducing cutting forces up to 15%.
reportedly offering superior stability With a footprint of 46.28 sq. ft., it is
the machine report.
“Fix8 is designed to cover a wide
that enables the insert to withstand 10% smaller than the MILLTAP 700.
0.055” and depths of cut up to 0.472”
large cutting forces and vibrations. The Travel paths of 27” x 16” x 15” and the
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