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New Products
radio or infrared channel selection conveniently setup on the TNC screen. And HEIDENHAIN offers local inte- gration service to upgrade to the next level Touch Probe technology even on non-HEIDENHAIN CNCs.
Regarding its functions, the TS 760 is fully compatible with HEIDEN- HAIN’s TS 740 predecessor and provides the same additional data as the TS 460.
Combination Vertical/Hori-
zontal Milling Machine
—Expand Machinery
Expand Machinery has introduced the Ganesh LC-205F, a combination vertical/horizontal milling machine for R&D, short runs and repair work.
The machine features integrated DROs for position display and a 12”
x 51” worktable. The 7.5 HP variable speed #40 taper spindle runs in 2-gear ranges from 60 RPM to 4,500 RPM to provide heavy-duty cutting capability. An LED digital spindle speed display is provided for easy viewing. Servo motors drive the ballscrews for X and Y positioning. Power knee and power
quill drive are included. Hardened and ground ways in the Y and Z axes provide wear resistance to help ensure a long and productive service life.
“Users find that the flexibility of be- ing able to fixture the workpiece from either the vertical or horizontal spindle can provide greater cutting rigidity, which results in greater productivity. This approach is beneficial both for short run and for stock preparation, or roughing or finishing a CNC pro- duction workpiece,” said a company spokesperson.
MK Series NC Rotary
—Kitagawa NorthTech
The new MK Series of NC rotary tables is Kitagawa NorthTech’s latest family of compact and easy-to-use
“ Flexipress” 25-200 Ton
 Howards Machinery 714-856-2089
Inquiries Wecome
• 15- 3/4” RAM Stroke
• Fast - Min. 26 IPM Approach
• Up to 52 IPM Return
• Machinined Surfaces
• Build Special Machines on Request
• LUX Presses to 400-ton “C FRAME”
Presses from 25 - 300 ton
  Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing, Inc.
Multi-Axis CNC Swiss Turning
CNC Swiss Micro Machining
    CNC Swiss Turning
 April/May will be our
Software & Control Issue!
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  Part Sizes .005” Dia. To 1-1/4” Diam with 9 Axis of Machining Capability
Pacific Swiss & Mfg., Inc.
15423 S.E. Piazza Ave., Clackamas, OR 97015 *
CNC WEST February/March 2022
CNC Swiss Minature Machining
     CNC Swiss Micro Machining Shown above: Micro machined parts with table salt

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