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CNC WEST is a west coast metalworking  print magazine devoted to machinist and metalworking decision makers in machine shops and job shops on the west coast. The magazine features articles on cnc machining, machine shops and the west coast metal working industry. Please enjoy this months issue and if you would like to read previous issues you may do so by clicking here.
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CNC-WEST Feb/Mar 2015 Aerospace & Defense Issue


Tyler Crouse, owner of Pro Precision has been machining in the Phoenix area for 35 years and still loves his job.
    Pro Precision is an ISO9001 certified job shop that will do anything that comes through the door. With 3 Leadwell CNC Lathes of various sizes, 3 Leadwell CNC Machining centers and multiple Mori’s they were well equipped to make everything including: Aerospace components-tooling, medical devices, Semiconductor machine tool components, air operated hydraulic pumps, as well as aftermarket automotive and diesel parts. Tyler has always been of the mindset that steady growth and a conservative approach to equipment purchases are part of the reason he is still in business. “I’ve seen big buyers come and promise the world to a shop if they buy a certain machine,” tells Crouse. “Six months later the 5,000 parts a month promised is gone and you are left with just a machine payment. I’ve been a machinist for 35 years and have learned that if you are not willing to change the type of work you are doing or the materials you work with it makes it difficult to stay around. nesh Cyclone 32 CS with an Edge Technologies bar feeder 14 months ago and has since added a second machine with the same specs. “The Ganesh Cyclones are a 7-axis twin spindle lathe with a sub spindle and a full 18 inches of Y axis,” touts Crouse. “It is shares some similarities with a true Swiss style machine, but better fits with the kind of work we do.

Michael Sherwood founded Contour Engineering 20 years ago as a contract programmer working from his home. Today, they are growing out of their 20,000sq.ft. facility in Long Beach, CA. As part of his 5 year expansion plan they just acquired a new SNK HPS 120v 5 axis high speed machine tool for use on their aerospace contracts.
    Contour Engineering president Michael Sherwood started out as a 21 year old machinist in Southern California. He quickly discovered he had a knack for reading a blueprint and seeing it in his mind in 3D. When graphics came to the forefront he hit the ground running. His early career was spent as a contract programmer for the local area. He worked out of Wichita Manufacturing for a few years before heading out on his own. His goal was to program something once, give the customer the data, they run it, he gets paid. “It was a simple strategy of doing something right the first time,” explains Sherwood. “My reputation and this company are built on that premise.” As his business grew via word of mouth he landed a programming job doing the entire fuselage of an airship. “After that job I was able to purchase my first machine tool in November, of 2000,” tells Sherwood. “I picked up at auction a Cincinnati Milacron 40v 5 axis that came out of the McDonnell Douglas plant. I rented a 2300 sq.ft. building in Cerritos and bought a second C-Frame 5 axis machine soon after.”

Mark Musgrove (left) bought an all manual tool and gage shop two years ago. Through new ideas, new CNC machines and new employees CJ MFG. doubled in size. Randy Chamerski (right) came on board last July as production manager, which is a strange title considering two years ago they did no production runs, only one-offs.    Mark Musgrove is the third owner of CJ Manufacturing in Tempe, Arizona and has been for the last two years. For more than two decades the company formerly known as Wallace Precision specialized in the niche market of tool and gage for the aerospace industry. The all manual shop has undergone a renaissance since Musgrove took the helm, doubling in size in that short time period.
    Musgrove’s vision of what CJ MFG. could become started immediately by becoming ISO9001 and AS9100 certified. “I come from a heavy machinery background,” explains Musgrove. “So the precision aspect of this business was new to me. The previous owners were set to retire and you could tell they were done by the way some aspects of the business were being run.” With no website, seven employees and all manual machines the company was ripe for expansion. They were in need of someone willing to add the tools and mentality necessary to compete going forward.
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