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CNC WEST is a west coast metalworking  print magazine devoted to machinist and metalworking decision makers in machine shops and job shops on the west coast. The magazine features articles on cnc machining, machine shops and the west coast metal working industry. Please enjoy this months issue and if you would like to read previous issues you may do so by clicking here.
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CNC-WEST December/January 2016 Quality and Fabrication Issue

Bogue Machine Company
46 years of precision

Bogue Machine Company
    Bogue Machine Company Inc. incorporated in 1969 as a one man tool and die shop. Today, they are a 30,000sq.ft. ISO 9001 and ITAR certified diversified manufacturing company specializing in aerospace precision for a variety of industries. Bogue Machine Company (BMC) came from very humble beginnings when Bob Bogue packed up his family in Pennsylvania and headed west. They stopped off in Albuquerque on their way to California and never left. Bogue was established as a three person garage shop in support of the two locally based national laboratories; Los Alamos and Sandia Labs. The company ran down that manufacturing path until the early 80s, about the same time Bob hired his son Mark.
    “I spent my childhood being exposed to the shop,” explains Mark Bogue, president of Bogue Machine Company. “But once I graduated high school I wanted nothing to do with the company and joined the Coast Guard for four years.” The opportunities offered at that time by the military didn’t coincide with what Mark wanted to be as a “grown up.” 

Diversified Tooling
Specializing in prototype and short run production of high precision parts for the defense industry
    The husband and wife team of Kevin and Tina Sanchez own and run Diversified Tooling Corp. in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kevin was born and raised in Albuquerque, while Tina arrived in the land of enchantment with her parents when she was 11 years old. Neither family came from a machining background; and after 25 years of marriage their parents still don’t know exactly what it is that they do.
Kevin found his way to machining because he needed a job and Tina stumbled upon it because of a special guy. Together, they fell in love with the each other and the industry. “I started at a local shop sweeping floors,” tells Kevin. “I progressed from sweeper to big green button pusher, and on from there.” His experience continued to grow and he was doing setups, programming and eventually landed as the shop’s quality manager. He jokes that he became quality manager because no one else wanted the job, but you can tell right away this man loves precision and it was a job he was born to do. “There are not a lot of pure quality guys out there because the number of job openings is limited,” explains Kevin. “If the shop has 40 machinists the might have one or two guys dedicated to quality. It is a rare skillset and you don’t find many shop owners with my background.”
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DP Products
Thriving o close tolerance 5 axis parts

DP Products
    DP Products Inc. President and owner, Danny Papadatos, has been in the machining business for 37 years. It started for him at a vocational high school and progressed from there. He “fell into the trade” when he got a job at a local San Jose, CA. machine shop. With an aptitude for machining, he continued his education through various community college programs and hard work.
    “The first shop I worked in is where I picked up what I call my trade secrets,” describes Danny. “We do things a little differently here at DP Products and those differences are my competitive advantage.” Where most would run a particular job on a mill, Danny and his team might not. His outside the box, can-do thinking is what draws customers from around the world for their short run and prototype needs. 
    Danny realized the old saying of “hard work is rewarded” is very dependent on the people you work for. Over the years he felt like he was being controlled, held back, and stuck inside a box. “I came to this country with my family when I was 7 years old from Greece,” tells Danny. “America is touted as the land of opportunity, but you have to take that opportunity and do something with it. I had engineering friends in the business that encouraged me to undertake side projects for them. For the longest time I didn’t.

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Unist Environmentally Friendly Lubrication

  From The Publisher

Talking to someone at an Open House recently I realized that I have been in the machine tool business for 36 years. I spent my first two years at the now defunct Hitachi Seiki working in the parts department learning about the business.
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Tekpro Group, a Level 1 Distributor of Stratasys Fortus 3D Production Systems & Dimension 3D Printer equipment, today announced the addition of Triform Sheet Hydroforming Presses to its’ product lineup.
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