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CNC WEST is a west coast metalworking print magazine devoted to machinist and metalworking decision makers in machine shops and job shops on the west coast. The magazine features articles on cnc machining, machine shops and the west coast metal working industry. Please enjoy this months issue below and if you would like to read previous issues you may do so by clicking here.

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BLACKOUT DEFENSE – Targeting Precision through technology

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When you walk into Blackout Defense, you see all the expected technology of an elite defense manufacturer.  But Blackout Defense isn’t making cruise missiles.  They’re making America’s rifle.   In…

DKW Precision Machining – HED//DKW Precision Machining has used Surfcam Traditional since 1998 to cut machining time and deliver unparalleled part quality to multiple industries

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Any manufacturer who’s survived more than 30 years in business has weathered the usual ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and could write a “how-to” book with a chapter devoted to…

Astro Machine Takes Off with Robocut EDM’s

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Two machinists from Hughes Aircraft founded Astro Machine Co in 1965 at the height of the space race. Everything Astro related was cool, from Astro the cartoon dog to Astronauts….

No Business Like the Oil Business – Swaim & Sons

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The oil business has its ups and downs and it’s no secret that Bakersfield, Ca. knows this better than most. Kern County is a large producer of oil in the…


The Phone is Still a Valuable Tool

As we humans become more technology advanced, in some ways we are taking a step back. It seems the art of conversation or people talking to each other is becoming a lost art. You now see kids texting each other even though they are 5 feet away from each other. Also, talking to someone over the phone has become a less and less viable option compared to email when doing business.
I am guilty of emailing someone recently when a phone call would have been so much better. The receiving end of an email can’t tell tone on an email and boy did this go wrong. I am quite confident that if I picked up the phone the outcome would have been entirely different. This person does not know me or does not know that most people say I am one of the easiest going people in the industry. Persistent yes, but easy going none the less. I hope I learned my lesson and will pick up the phone next time I need to discuss something.
In a recent conversation with Matt Tierney, sales manager of DMG MORI southern California he expressed similar problems with email or texting. He feels that sometimes people can get accomplished with a 2- minute phone call what it might take an hour or back and forth texting or emailing. I am sure he is correct.
Speaking of DMG we have an excellent article in this issue from J&F Machine in Cypress, CA. and their shop which is full of DMG MORI machines. Owner Rick Varnum has had the shop in the magazine before but has really upgraded the shop since our last visit. Our cover article is on Anaheim Precision in Anaheim, CA. and how they have upgraded their shop with Kitamura 5-Axis machines to do a lot of Aerospace work. This is a big and really nice shop.
Since this is our Aerospace & Defense issue we were provided an excellent story from Boeing about their new Composite Wing Center in Ev¬erett, Washington. You will be amazed at how big this facility is. And keeping in the Pacific Northwest we have an article about how a shop in Newberg, Oregon owned by an ex Major League Baseball player

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From Manual to CNC

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A manual knee mill is a bit like Sally, the golden retriever you’ve had since she was a pup. You’re with her every day. She’s hard working and you know what to…

U.S. Bank Hires Relationship Manager, West Region

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U.S. Bank has hired Adam Clarke as relationship manager for the west region. Clarke has over 10 years of experience delivering creative, sustainable financial objectives in providing financial solutions that…

Executive Hotline

Portland Manufacturer ESCO Acquired in $1.3B Deal

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ESCO Corp., one of Portland’s oldest manufacturing companies said it will be acquired for $1.285 billion by another maker of mining equipment, Scotland-based The Weir Group PLC. The deal brings…

Northrop Grumman Gets $172.7M U.S. Air Force Contract

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The U.S. Air Force awarded Northrop Grumman Corp. a $172.7 million contract for its Battlefield Airborne Communications Node, known as BACN for short. BACN is a communications relay flown aboard…