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Ellison Technologies, Inc., (Ellison), one of the largest CNC machine tool distributors in the U.S, has formed a sales partnership with the Danish company Accustrip.
Accustrip is among the leading worldwide technological manufacturers of coolant filtration and chip/Swarf separation systems for CNC machines within the treatment of coolant emulsions. The reason is their revolutionary and patented Full Flow Technology, which allows for the effective filtration of coolant even in the most turbulent fluids. In addition, Accustrip also specializes in high-pressure coolant systems with advanced self-cleaning filtering technology.
With this new partnership, Ellison will be able to provide its customers with both standard and tailor made solutions for coolant filtration and chip/Swarf separation for their broad range of CNC machine tool equipment offerings. In addition, Ellison will provide after sales, service, support and spare parts for Accustrip products in the US, through its 16 established locations across the country.
It is the common goal of Ellison Technologies Inc. and Accustrip, to bring the best available coolant filtration and chip/Swarf separation solutions that support factory automation and plant modernization initiatives to help customers increase their overall manufacturing efficiencies to the US market. Accustrip’s solutions offer: high quality, reliability, short payback period, and are the most environmentally friendly on the market.