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CARVEsmart™, a division of Bellatex Industries and maker of a quick-change vise jaw system, is teaming up with Mitee-Bite Products LLC., to offer a unique workholding solution that combines the best technology each of the companies has available.
CARVEsmart has developed Mitee-Bite-authorized TalonTop dovetailed jaws which are TALONGrip-ready. The TalonTop jaws are machined to accept Mitee Bite’s TALONgrip clamps which will edge grip as little as 0.060” of material. CARVEsmart provides pairs of 1018 cold rolled steel 6” and 8” TALONtop dovetailed jaws with SMARTstop pins and 10-32 set screws included. The 8” pairs extend a 6” vise to 8” clamping width.
The TalonTop dovetailed jaws are sold by CARVEsmart. The recommended Mitee-Bite #32050 TALONgrip clamps and #32020 stops are sold through Mitee-Bite distributors.
Michael McCarthy, Mitee-Bite Products national sales manager added, “Our interest is to provide solutions to our customers that increase productivity immediately and are easy to use. Our two companies share the same goals for our customers – do a better job faster.”
The patented CARVEsmart system, combined with the Mitee-Bite technology, is designed for production and tool-room applications.Dovetailed jaw changes are fast and easy with the “from the top” clamping system.
The clamp assembly pulls dovetailed jaws tightly into two axes while a SMARTstop™ pin locates the jaw accurately in the third axis promising +/-0.0003” relocation. The SMARTstop slot and pin is internal to the dovetail allowing vises to be mounted side-by-side.
Extruded, aluminum dovetailed jaw stock is available in five profiles in lengths up to 94”. It can be cut to any length the user requires. Steel options are 60/62rc hardened tool steel, 48/50rc A2 machineable tool steel, and 1018 steel. Specialty jaws are also available.