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Called virtually impossible to clog.

Perrysburg, Ohio, USA – February 2,2023 – IMCO Carbide Tool Inc. has developed a new series – M936 POW-R-FEED end mills– designed for faster part cycles and speeds never seen before with IMCO legacy tools, regardless of machining stations’ horsepower.

“This is the cutter for any programmer machining steels, stainless steels and titanium on 3-axis to 5-axis CNC machining centers that wants to run fast and helical enter, ramp, slot and peripheral mill at fantastic feed rates,” said Matt Osburn, Vice President, Technical Director for IMCO.

“The M936 is designed for very aggressive traditional tool paths, stepovers and depths beyond the reach of any of the industry’s legacy tools,” Osburn said. “It’s IMCO’s free-est cutting end mill in steels to date.”

“Our goals were higher running speeds, free cutting action and the highest metal removal rates we could achieve,” Osburn said. “We redesigned and reimagined every aspect of the original POW-R-FEED series to maximize free cutting action, facilitate maximum speed and metal removal, and extend tool life in the metals our customers work with most.”

The M936 maximizes the output of machines most customers use, explained Steve Avers, IMCO’s Technical Support Manager. With conventional low-horsepower machines, this free cutting action means the M936 cutter can run to the machine’s upper capacity limits.

Users achieve amazing speeds with the M936 POW-R-FEED when slotting, ramping, doing helical entry or peripheral milling. Cutting odd shapes or narrow configurations? No need to reduce speed. You also get impressive chip clearance due to variable helix angles and the lubricity of an ultra-modern AlTiSN coating.

IMCO M936 POW-R-FEED end mills are designed specifically for aggressive roughing and pocketing in steels and titanium with much faster material removal. IMCO’s proprietary end design allows extremely aggressive helical entry parameters – no predrilled starter hole needed, saving time and a tool change. The aggressive geometry of the flutes and end face make the tool virtually impossible to clog.

Using HEM or traditional tool paths, users achieve amazing speeds with the M936 POW-R-FEED when slotting, ramping, doing helical entry or peripheral milling. No need to reduce speed when cutting odd shapes or narrow configurations. You’ll get impressive chip clearance due to variable helix angles and the lubricity of an ultra-modern AlTiSN coating.

Change tool path moves without slowing.

“Users can make various tool path moves without slowing down,” Avers said,so they get faster cycle times and more production.” When a 5-axis machine can swing an end mill around in all directions without clogging, the machinist can complete the operation with one chucking, saving a lot of time.

Unique flute and core geometries achieve extremely aggressive cutting parameters. The proprietary end face allows very aggressive ramping and helical entry parameters. A super-tough carbide core and an ultra-modern AlTiSN slippery-smooth coating prevent chip buildup and allow higher feeds and metal removal rates.

“Combined,” Osburn said, “these features make the tool virtually impossible to clog,”

Tool life is exceptional, thanks to the variable helix and variable index effects on vibration damping, the specially engineered carbide grade and ultra-modern coating.

The M936 is a very affordable alternative to competitors’ high-performance tools for machining these metals, Osburn said, “and the price-to-performance ratio is exceptional.”

“We do whatever it takes to give our customers the edge and help them achieve higher productivity and profitability,” Osburn said. “That’s what we do best.”

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