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   Having sub spindle, live tooling lathes and a larger than average mill helps set DKW apart from similar size shops.
much better shop in the process.” If the adage of “a rising tide raises all boats” is true, then in the case at DKW those boats are getting amazing parts thanks to DKW’s decade long partnership with TechnipFMC. “Every part we deliver for TechnipFMC comes with an outside process cert, certificate of conformance, material cert, and first article report,” explains Brian. “The first article report
defines that part and defines us as a shop. We take great pride in our work and our reputation.”
Buying a machine tool is easy, but Brian is quick to credit the talented people who make the magic happen. “We’ve built a great team over the years, and the team out in the shop deliver for us every day,” concludes Brian. “We give them the impossible and they find a way to get
it done, making us all look good. We are nothing without each other, but our “quality overrides everything” approach is what makes us successful. Kurt is very much a guy who believes in the investment of time and equipment as well as persistence. Spend the time teaching our people and the next time they will know, and we all become better for it. Our theory has always been that if you make a correct part, that looks great, and service the hell out of the customer you hold an advantage over most shops.”
     DKW Precision Machining Inc. are known as a shop that can handle tight tolerances and hard to cut materials.
CNC WEST April/May 2021

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