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 EMS uses Verisurf software to run three different CNC CMMs, each with different controllers, as well as trackers and arms, as part of its ‘consistency in metrology’ strategy.
  The “triplets” are three similarly equipped Doosan Puma 2600SY. DKW dove into the multi spindle/live tooling arena three years ago and came away loving the features offered on the Doosan Puma 2600SY machining centers. With fewer operations they create better parts, faster.
 got it in 2009 and it quickly became their flagship machine and runs almost nonstop 12 years later. “We’ve been so happy with the live tooling in our lathe department that Kurt wanted to apply these same advanced machining principles back into our milling department,” continues Brian. “A Doosan DVF 5000 5th axis mill will be on the floor by the time this goes to print. We are really excited to take the step into 5th axis machining.”
“We bought three new live tooling / sub spindle Doosan lathes in the last few years from Brandon Takata at Ellison Technologies,” tells Brian. “The triplets as we call them are all Doosan Puma 2600SY and buying them has been one of the best things we’ve ever done. I run the shop and sales and can tell you firsthand that they are game changers for us. Brandon came in as a cold call, and the old man liked him right away. He’s young, but has an old school attitude
where customer service is still king. He sold us on the Puma 2600SY machines, and we got a great deal. It was like nothing we had on the floor. It is robust, has a good size bore, had everything we wanted and more. We liked it so much we added a second one the next year and our third one came aboard last summer. The Ellison guys did a great job on install, not even a pandemic slowed them down. We were up and running very quickly.” All three machines are decked out with a few different features, but the core machining properties are all the same. They are all 10” chucks, 4000 RPM, and 30 HP. After proving out the technology on the first machine, integrating more of the same machine was critical. “Redundancy was important,” continues Brian. “Ease of use, the interchangeable parts, interchangeable tooling, programming, and having everything the same makes for a seamless addition to the
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