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  In 2009 DKW purchased the most Y travel they could afford at the time. The 50 taper, direct drive, 10,000 RPM, 70”x34”x31” YCM fit the bill perfectly.
workflow. The last thing anyone wants is to invest a ton of money into a machine tool and struggle getting it up and running. Having the triplets allows us to move jobs around freely. We are used to multi op parts and most still require a change over, but with the 8” sub spindle and milling tools we have reduced the number of times we handle the parts. The Pumas increased productivity and improved our quality.”
Surrounded by companies that only want to slam out 1000’s of bits of aluminum, DKW has found their niche with tight tolerance, high complexity parts machined from exotic materials. “We started out like every job shop running whatever’s necessary,” details Brian. “It was never
our goal to focus on short runs of 50-100 parts, but that’s where we’ve landed. A lot of that stems from the work we do for TechnipFMC Schilling Robotics division. As you can imagine they don’t make hundreds of thousands of ROV’s, but the ones they do build require the best of the best in manufacturing. It’s a whole different game 13,000 feet deep in the Mariana Trench and their quality requirements reflect it. When they call out a spec there is no question that the part needs to be that good. Sometimes a customer will call out a spec that you know is overkill and that they have no way of actually verifying it, but that isn’t the case with TechnipFMC. TechnipFMC means business and verify what they get, making us a
   When you live by “quality overrides everything” it is important to have Keyence and Brown & Sharpe backing you up in the quality lab.
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