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  Left - AR Machine Corp added the 5 axis Matsuura right before Covid took hold in the bay area. Having a pallet pool and a Japanese machine were two important items on Austin’s wish list for his growing company. Middle - Realizing the value of a palletized machine Austin recently purchased a used Matsuura horizontal for lights out production runs.
Austin landed a big mold account entailing precision levels twice the normal level required by most of his customers. He knew he needed a machine that could handle the current demands and demands down the road. “I knew I wanted to get a higher end Japanese machining center with a pallet pool,” details Austin. “The Matsuura seemed like a brand that offered a lot of value for what
you get. With the MX520 pc4 you get 5 axis machining, four pallets and compared to similarly sized machines it has a large work envelope. Andrew Selway of Selway Machine really treated me well. It was right before all the Corona Virus really hit the Bay Area, so Selway sold it to me at a great price. As you can imagine it came with a higher price tag than buying my first VF2. None
 Austin dove into 5 axis machining by adding a 5th axis trunnion to his Haas VF2 the second year he was in business.
of it would have been possible without Quick Turn Financial and Selway. Janna at Quick Turn is so awesome. They loaned me so much money to get the machines I needed to expand. They specialize in the manufacturing industry and will do loans for new and used equipment. As a young company it isn’t always easy to find companies who believe in you and shares your vision, I’m very glad I found two.”
Austin touts how the Matsuura pallet pool was money well spent. As a job shop with a diverse customer base the pallet system allows him the flexibility to be as hands on or hands off as needed. “We mostly run one or
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