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ichmond, Ca. based AR Machine Corp is a liked making stuff,” tells AR Machine Corp. founder relatively new player to the game. The 3,000 Austin Roche. “I like the process more than
sq.ft. shop sits right off the waterfront and is the result sometimes, but I was always
making a name for themselves in the world of one off, high working on cars and things like that.
        complexity parts manufactured from exotic metals. The Bay Area has no shortage of manufacturing, but Austin Roche is driving business by the seemingly simple idea of delivering quality parts, on time.
Austin is a self-taught machinist who got his start building mini steam engines at home. “I just always
Article & Photos by Sean Buur
My dad helped foster my love of machining and bought me a bench lathe from an estate
sale when I was a kid. I just
made a ton of things on it for fun.” San Francisco
AR Machine Corp. are known for their ability and desire to do onesie and twosie parts with a high complexity level and made from exotic materials. Their customers are in robotics, aerospace, and automotive. They also manufacture for local government labs, drone, rocket and satellite companies. 5 axis precision machining paired with on time delivery and great customer service are earning Austin and his team a great reputation.
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