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Industry News
CNC Software Appoints
New Marketing Director
CNC Software, Inc., the developers of Mastercam, announced that Paco Agrafojo has been hired in the role of marketing director. Agrafojo’s experi- ence within the industrial and manu- facturing
ket and
gies for
eral top
brands in
his 20+
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“I am very proud to join the CNC Software family at such a critical time of growth,” said Agrafojo. “I look for- ward to driving engagement with the Mastercam brand through partnerships with key customers, influencers and ultimately end-users. As a leader in the CNC industry, it is also important for Mastercam to focus on inspiring the next generation of machinists, programmers and engineers.”
Sandy Moffat, chief market officer, commented, “As we continue to grow our brand and presence, we are thrilled to have Paco join our ever-expanding
team. He comes to us with a very solid background in creating market and product strategies, and with experience that will help benefit CNC Software worldwide.”
LNS Helps Nonprofit Pro-
vide Fracture Surgery to
the Injured Poor
In keeping with its ongoing com- mitment to support global humanitar- ian actions, LNS provides significant discounts to organizations such as SIGN Fracture Care.
“In many parts of the world, a per- son with a bone fracture may not heal properly due to the absence of adequate facilities, lack of orthopedic education and unavailability of implant tools and devices,” said an LNS spokesperson. “SIGN Fracture Care’s mission is to provide these resources at no cost to hospitals and patients in developing countries so that every injured person can quickly heal and return to work or school.”
One aspect of the organization’s mission is to provide orthopedic instru- ments and implants that are designed and manufactured in its Richland, WA, facility. LNS bar feeders, chip con- veyors and other products enable the factory’s CNC machines to efficiently produce these high-precision devices.
According to SIGN, the amount of the LNS discount on a recent purchase allows the organization to provide a life repairing implant to 65 people.
Thus far SIGN Fracture Care en- ables 368 hospitals in 56 countries to improve the well-being of their pa- tients. “The people of LNS are proud to assist SIGN in furthering this important work,” said the spokesperson. Sign Fracture Care is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.
Oerlikon Balzers Expands Service Offerings in the US With Largest Custom- er Center in the US West-
ern Region
Recently Oerlikon Balzers, has started production at its new customer center in the east of Los Angeles, CA. Being the largest in the US Western region and equipped with the latest coating technology, the new coating centre will allow Oerlikon Balzers to supply coating services for cutting, plastic & aluminium injection and metal forming tools, and also for the precision components business.
Oerlikon Balzers’ new coating cen- ter is in Rancho Cucamonga located in the greater Los Angeles area will be serving many American important industries of the Western Coast.Oer- likon Balzers has invested in the latest machinery and technology in order to deliver high-quality products and ad- ditional services. The proximity to the customers with their industrial centers located on the West Coast enables Oerlikon Balzers to accelerate delivery times significantly.
A wide range of coatings are avail- able for an almost unlimited number of applications for precision compo- nents, cutting, forming, aluminium die casting and plastics processing. Alongside the classic BALINIT PVD ThinFilm coatings, Oerlikon Balzers also offers BALINIT ALCRONA PRO and BALINIT LATUMA for high-
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