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                 Can your Wire EDM or Laser accurately cut Alumina Ceramic? Quartz? Carbon Fiber? Peek? Foam? Sapphire?
G10? Beryllium Copper? Silicon Carbide?
No, it can’t... because it’s not a High Performance Micro Waterjet
• Compact and Totally Enclosed
• Kerf down to .008”
• Positional accuracy +/- .0001”
• Ultra fast speeds with high acceleration/deceleration
• Non-thermal cutting with no material limits
• Zero backlash linear motors with Invar linear scales
• Highest end Fanuc 31i with user-friendly HMI interface
• Besides Advanced Materials we cut Ferris and non-
ferrous metals very well, very accurately and very fast
• Available in 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis (Multi-configurations)
To discuss the possibilities contact: HS&S Machine Tool 408.980.8909 or
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 With more than 150,000 units operating in over 50 countries worldwide, the Royal Filtermist is the metalworking industry’s leading mist collector.
• Continuous high-efficiency – even in high-pressure applications that produce sub-micron sized particles.
• Low cost, simple installation, and minimal maintenance requirements. • Clean, healthy shop air helps attract and retain top talent.
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