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   VOL. 40 NO. 3
February/March 2022
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Thomas F. Arnold (1927 - 2009)
Shawn Arnold
EDITOR: Sean Buur
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2022 Just Flew In
How can it be 2022 already? They say time goes faster as you get older so I must be really old as 2021 was a blur.
This issue is our annual Aerospace and Defense issue and I hate to admit that the dreaded C word slowed down the aerospace industry a little. People were not flying like they used to but I think that it is slowly getting better. The need for new, more efficient planes is coming back. We try to pack as much information and feature articles as possible in each issue of CNC WEST. To be honest the more advertisers we have , the larger the magazine can be. It is expensive to print and pay the postage on 17,500 copies. Like everything else paper cost have risen drastically the last year which has not made it easy for anyone in the publishing industry.
Thank goodness that our advertisers see the value in having their message seen by so many possible western region customers. And a big thanks to all of those who still read print. Of course, if for some reason you can’t read a physical copy there is always a copy online at
This issue has feature articles on a couple of southern California shops and a northern California shop. The cover story is on the northern Califor- nia shop and their typical customer is in aerospace and robotics, but more and more jobs are coming from a local government lab and companies who make drones, and satellites. They have upgraded equipment which helps land more and more jobs.
Another article is on a Valencia, CA. shop that over the years made their own vises to do aerospace and other work. Instead of competing for aerospace accounts they decided to put their aerospace manufacturing experience into designing, building, marketing and selling a unique work holding solution that they say is increasing their productivity.
Our third article from Sean Buur features two brothers who have been on quite a rollercoaster ride in the industry, but they would not have it any other way. With lots of help from Harvinder Singh of Expand Machinery the rollercoaster is a pretty smooth ride at the moment.
Tim Paul follows up on his last article about training with one about recruitment and knowledge sharing. His last article received all kinds of buzz, and my guess is that this one will too. CNC WEST is lucky to have Tim offer his services.
There is much more and thanks so much for reading CNC WEST. Sincerely,
Shawn Arnold
Shawn Arnold Publisher
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