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  APM’s Super KIA Turn 21Lms is a dual spindle live tooling, high speed turning center. It was purchased from Expand Machinery and financed via Valley Financial.
Looking back, I see a guy that spent a lot of time showing us options that would best benefit our business and not necessarily his. Who does that? Harvinder does, and we appreciate it every day.”
APM is growing at the rate they want; with the machines they want and the customers they want. It has been a long time coming for the brothers Sicairos and quite the journey, but they are walking the path they imagined back in 2000. “2021 was the most profitable year for us as a company,” concludes Ed. “We got new business, upgraded machines, and a long-term plan that includes one day handing the reigns over to our children. We are not the cheapest and not the most expensive, but you get way more than you pay for in quality and service. We take
pride in what we do. Customers see that and know it has value and recommend us to others. Verification processes tell us we make good parts, but recommendations tell us it was a job well done.” “Job satisfaction doesn’t just come from customers,” finishes Ed. “Working with my brother all these years and having our sons as part of the company now and in the future makes APM a place Ed and I want to come to work. Ed’s son Alec is our mill setup man right now and his oldest Andrew just opened an engineering and designing 3D printing company down the road. My son Erik Roy Sicairos worked with us for 8 years and is off gaining other experiences, but they know this place is theirs. It started with family and will stay with family.
   Parts range is size and materials and come from the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. APM last year earned their AS9100 cert and have been expanding their aerospace customer base ever since.
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