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Automation Control Feature Eliminates Need to Program Robots
 A new feature developed by Hurco makes au- tomation for high-mix manufacturing practical because it runs right on the Hurco control, eliminating the need for machinists to learn how to program robots. It provides automatic calibration to the CNC machine, making it easy to move the system between Hurco machines. It has a probe part/workholding location feature that reduces part changeover to less than five minutes for new jobs and just seconds for previous jobs.
The Automation Job Manager is only available on Hurco CNC machines and is part of the Hurco Practi- cal Job Shop Automation package that includes the control software and hardware for CNC machine tending automa- tion, such as the collaborative robot, dual servo grippers, collaborative auto door and more.
“While new features such as the Automation Job Manager expand the value of the Hurco control, it is the flexibility of the Hurco control powered by WinMax that helps shops improve productivity,” said a company spokesperson. “This flexibility allows customers to de- termine which programming method is best for each job: conversational, industry standard NC or NC/conversa- tional merge.”
“As the inventor of conversational programming, Hurco is dedicated to continuous innovation to maintain its status as the easiest control to program and add func-
tionality that helps customers increase productivity and profitability,” added the spokesperson.
The NC side of the Hurco control follows the indus- try standard, which means shop personnel can use their existing programs and do not have to change their current processes.
NC/conversational merge is a feature Hurco devel- oped that lets the user apply conversational features, such as pattern operations, scaling, tool probing, part probing and unlimited work offsets, to existing NC programs. Patterns include loop rotate, loop translate, loop linear, loop angular, pattern locations, scale and mirror image.
Whether the machinist decides to use conversation- al, NC or NC/conversational merge programming, there are multiple control features that are independent of the type of programming. Three such examples include Ad- vanced Verification Graphics with 3D Solid Rendering, Data Block Search and the True Interrupt Cycle:
Advanced Verification Graphics lets the user view a solid rendering of the tool path that displays dynamic rotation, tool cut simulation and dynamic view manipulation. This feature reduces scrap and programming time and proves
out the part program.
Data Block Search simplifies the tedious task of
searching for a data block or line of code during the editing process. Users can easily touch the selection they need to edit right on the graphics screen, and the cursor will jump to the corresponding part of the program.
The True Interrupt Cycle eliminates the need to teach the control the path the tool takes when it retracts and returns to the part. When the Interrupt button on the control is pressed, the spindle stops cutting, the coolant shuts off and the tool automatically retracts to Z home. The operator can jog the machine in any direction to check the part or change tool inserts. Then, simply press two buttons and the cycle automatically resumes right where it left off-at the speed the operator chooses.
The integrated Hurco control provides technical specifications as standard. The Hurco control is equipped with a 128 GB solid state hard drive, 10,000 block looka- head, a 2.7GHz dual core processor, 4 GB RAM memory and an intuitive graphical user interface. All 75 models of Hurco CNC machines utilize the same control. The Hurco control is upgradeable, which allows customers to stay up to date with the latest control technologies.
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