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  S & R’s manufacturing center in Valencia, Ca. is 8000sq.ft. and filled with 14 CNC machining centers from Haas and Doosan.
The aerospace game is competitive, and to be in it three decades you’ve learned a few things over the years. It’s difficult to think about your future while at the same time honoring your legacy. But that’s exactly how S & R came to the point of releasing their own product line of Workholding solutions. “Instead of competing for aerospace accounts we decided to put our aerospace manufacturing experience into designing, building, marketing and selling a unique work holding solution that we used to increase our productivity,” details Oscar. “We launched S & R Products Co in June 2021 with the intent of making competitors into customers. Our flagship product is the patent pending double vise converter for 4” and 6” vises.” S & R also manufacture high quality tool holders, tool organizers, tool changers, sockets, wrenches, chucks and soft jaws, but hands down the double vise converter is their pride and joy. “The double vise converter is the biggest seller and is a product that really changes how you utilize a vice,” continues Oscar. “Work holding is an artform, sometimes voodoo, but always is essential when it comes to delivering a quality
product. Nine years ago, we designed and built a device that converts your single vise into a double vise within a couple minutes utilizing a patent pending design and 4 bolts. As far as we know there is nothing else like it on the market. We’ve spent the last ten years testing it in our own aerospace manufacturing facility to improve production and increase throughput.”
The S & R single to double vise converter does just what the name suggest. It turns your single vise into two. Sure, there is no shortage of double vises on the market, but product specialist Richard Morris is quick to point out some advantages to the S & R product line. “First off is price,” explains Richard. “Our converter is a value and will work in conjunction with the vises you already have. Our double vise converter is very light and comes on and off in a matter of minutes with only 4 bolts. Changeover is crazy fast, and crazy easy. Our double vise converter takes on the traits of the vise it is mounted to. So, if you have a brand-new Kurt vise, it shares that quality and repeatability. Our double vise converter doesn’t have a fixed center like a standard double vise. It uses
more of a sandwich method that offers a lot of creative ways to hold parts. We have many demonstration videos on our website.”
S & R exhibited at Westec 2021, as part of their brand launch. Day after day, demo after demo, it was a great opportunity to introduce a lot of people to their products in a short period of time. “We are machinists at heart, so we are learning as we go the best way to showcase our products,” tells Oscar. “We are building the brand though shows, online sales and a growing distribution network. We have 35 distributors in the US, Mexico and Canada as well as a dedicated team on the east coast pushing product in the field. We’ve partnered with
 S & R Products quality lab is set to handle the latest in ISO9001 and AS9100 requirements.
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