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    Come see PH20 configured ALTERA C ATX West, Booth 4377
   & Freedom Arm on display at
Anaheim Convenon Center April 12-14, 2022
  Pictured: ALTERA C 10.7.7 with PH20 Probe Head
Compact Footprint
LK Metrology's ALTERA C coordinate measuring machine is perfect when floor space is limited or only available at a premium
Integrated Tech
Integrated controller and PC are tucked away under the CMM granite table, with oponal monitor and keyboard arm available
All CMM soware packages and opons available from LK Metrology are available with ALTERA C
Mul-sensor Technology
Tacle, opcal, and laser sensors are integrated into a single measurement plaorm
Pictured: FREEDOM Classic Scan 7-Axis Portable Measuring Arm
        FREEDOM Arm
Wrist display and mul-funconal buons puts measurement control directly in the user's hand
Eliminates encoder referencing, simply switch on and start measuring
Wi-Fi connecvity and baery power, for completely portable wireless measurement
Repeatable probe connecon allows probe swaps without re-calibraon
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