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    Perfection in motion.
Discover the New ‘Star’ in the STAR CNC Galaxy
 Machining complex components with exceptional precision, accuracy and speed just got easier...and smarter!
Star CNC introduces SK-51A, the first in their NEW line of automatic fixed headstock lathes. This new ‘star’ incorporates the advanced Fanuc iHMI control system with ‘smart’ machining capabilities that easily and efficiently guide the operator through the manufacturing process.
• Twin, 12-station turrets with identical travels allow balance machining on either spindle
• A2-5 spindle chucking options grip parts where required
• Slant bed design meets the demands of difficult-to-machine materials typically required by the medical, energy and aerospace industries
• Extensive tooling options address complex part needs
• Machine design offers easy access to the spindles and turrets
• User-friendly touch screen control for easy access to on-board machine and control manuals
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