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SEAKR is Developing The Artifi-
cial Brain of DARPA’s Blackjack
Satellite Network.
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced March 12 it awarded SEAKR Engineering a $60.4 million contract to de- velop a data processing system for satellites to operate autonomously.
SEAKR, based in Centennial, Colorado, was selected by DARPA in 2019 to develop the artificial brain of the agency’s Blackjack satellite network. The new contract is for work to be completed by March 2022.
DARPA began the Blackjack program in 2018 in an effort to demonstrate the use of small satellites in low Earth orbit to provide ser- vices like communications, missile warning and navigation. SEAKR is developing the so- called Pit Boss artificial intelligence system that will enable the Blackjack constellation to operate autonomously.
DARPA Awards General Atomics
‘LongShot’ Drone Demo Contract
The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded San Diego based General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. “LongShot” program that aims to develop an air-launched unmanned air vehicle (UAV) that can fire multiple air-to-air weapons.
The contract valued $9 million awarded pro- vides for the research, development and dem- onstration of the Longshot.
Earlier this month, General Atomics, Lock- heed Martin, and Northrop Grumman won con- tracts for preliminary Phase I design work. The objective is to develop a novel UAV that can significantly extend engagement ranges, increase mission effectiveness, and reduce the risk to manned aircraft.
In later phases of the program, LongShot will construct and fly a full-scale air-launched demonstration system capable of controlled flight, before, during, and after weapon ejec- tion under operational conditions.
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