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with robotic programming language will no longer require additional train- ing or specialists because the program- ming can be performed with G-codes. A reliance on a separate teach pendant for the robot is also greatly reduced with the capability of robotic program- ming and operation through the CNC user interface.
Fanuc’s QSSR not only makes connecting a Fanuc robot through a high-speed Ethernet cable to a ma- chine tool easy, but also simplifies the setup, programming and operation. The QSSR G-code feature is available on Fanuc CNC Series Oi-F, Oi-F Plus,
30i-B and 30i-B Plus.
Hurco North America An-
nounces New Apprentice-
ship Program
Hurco North America announced the launch of a new apprenticeship program. The Field Service Appren- ticeship (FSA) is a 2-year program that starts with a 12-week industry training that merges hands-on training and re- pair of CNC machines with classroom materials.
Cory Miller, general manager of Hurco North America, said, “We are fortunate to have a tenured service and support team at Hurco. The knowledge they have amassed is extremely valu- able and the FSA program will allow them to transfer that knowledge to the next generation of service engineers
with intensive training about the ma- chine tool industry, how they are built, the technology that powers our CNC machines, how to diagnose issues, and service machines.”
While candidates with a degree or working toward one are encouraged to apply, candidates who are mechani- cally inclined with no industry or engi- neering experience are also encouraged to apply for the FSA. “We know there are people outside our industry who would excel at a career as a service engineer for machine tools, but might not have been exposed to our industry. We believe the FSA will be important to bridge the skills gap and introduce more people to the machine tool in- dustry, which benefits the industry as a whole,” said Miller.
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