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   Quote for BSP50013-K-16 .625 material Material calculation side of the quoting:
Operations part of the quote for the same item
“VMP can produce 500 parts a minute when they need to and have 100 million parts in inventory on any given day. For decades, keeping track of everything was a chore at best. “We’ve been a user of Henning Software for 21 years now,” details Bob. “In fact, I know the exact month we started with them, January 2000.” Y2K turned out to be just a blip for most, but companies across the world like VMP took no chances. The implementation of more sophisticated systems to ensure the new century did not bring doom and destruction seems like an old wives’ tale now, but back then, no one knew for sure what would happen. “We chose Henning because it was a system designedformanufacturing,”detailsBob.“Icouldn’tafford to take a chance on generic software that was adapted for this industry and the Henning’s Visual EstiTrack and Visual Books fit the bill. A lot of thought went into the features of these systems even back then. Features like traceability, tracking, travelers, and raw inventory in/ out caught our attention. For example, I get 1000 lbs. of material in and add in into the Visual EstiTrack system. All the information is there. I can see if the material was previously ordered, if not I can add it into the system
Material pricing side of the quote:
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at that time. I can see pounds, number of bars, even how many parts I can make with the 1000-pound order quantity I just placed. I can define the unit of measure by which I wish to measure my inventory. As we make parts, the inventory is back-flushed out of the system. Material usages and lot tracking is all linked to our shop order numbers. Once I enter something into EstiTrack it goes to Steve to add into Visual Books, the accounting part of the system.”
Henning Software’s Visual EstiTrack Inventory Management system tracks raw material and finished goods inventory at the lot level. When raw material is purchased and received, raw material heat numbers and certification documents are scanned and attached to incoming raw material inventory lots. When a customer requires raw material certifications with their shipments, Visual EstiTrack tracks the raw material lots issued to shop orders. With this level of traceability, it is easy for users to track which raw material heats were used on shop orders. Then when required, the system will automatically print out associated material certification documents linked to produced finished good lots when finished good lots are
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