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   Above - This TMAC chart captures a cutoff operation using constant surface footage. If the white horsepower line reaches the red extreme limit the tool can be pulled near-instantly saving part, machine alignment and tooling.
Right - This cut was stopped and kept from damaging the machine or the tool.
and you will find I have some decent ideas. I was used to getting flack from people I hadn’t worked with for not being a 3rd generation machinist, but this was the point that I knew I wanted to start something of my own but do things totally differently.”
Working for that company allowed Nathan and his team to try anything. Because of the manufacturing challenges it was a great playground to test different
technologies. That’s where he
first came across the Caron
Engineering integration tools.
Technology is great and even though sometimes it seems like magic the science is what drives the tech. Finding new and exciting tech is the easy part, having a staff willing to embrace it is a different story. “We had so many tools at our disposal to make the best possible parts,” tells Nathan.
“It was crazy what we had the latitude to do, but frequently instead of embracing new concepts and science we were met often by resistance and even sabotage on a few occasions. Some people were just not open to the idea that the old ways were not always the best ways. I didn’t want that mentality in my own place of business so when I opened Wolfram Manufacturing in 2011, I didn’t hire any machinists. Some of my team had manufacturing experience, but none of their primary skills was machining. We hired for attitude and aptitude and they came open to ideas and without
  Horsepower cutting data from a milling operation on three parts are overlaid for comparison in TMAC - The ultimate in process knowledge and control.
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