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New Products
 New Presetter Option, SPI —BIG KAISER
The SPERONI SPI (Simple Post Interface) is the newest of BIG KAI- SER’s Industry 4.0 upgrades to its offering of tool presetting solutions. The company reports that the SPI
reduces the time and steps needed to transfer precise and accurate tool measurements to a machine tool.
“For those looking to enhance their return on investment beyond what a presetter already provides, SPI is a great option,” Jim Mayer, TMS manager at BIG KAISER, said. “It eliminates a handful of opportunities for human error and reduces set up times even further.”
As opposed to measuring, printing a label and punching the data into the control, SPI prints a tool label with a QR code at the presetter that’s then read by the SPI module at the machine control. The system can also be con- figured to send measurements directly into the tool NC’s offset table.
While SPI doesn’t need to be paired with the INTELLIGO Tool Management solution to work on all BIG KAISER-offered presetters, the combination unlocks more features. It allows for monitoring of tool count go- ing in and out of machines and allows the tooling or setup manager to monitor tool life remotely. Managers can eas- ily identify tools that need attention or need to be replaced for continued performance.
SPI is available for controls such as Okuma®, Fanuc®, Heidenhain®, Siemens® and Mitsubishi®.
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