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   CNC WEST October/November 2020 51
Verisurf automatic part inspection running a legacy Wenzel CNC CMM. Verisurf model-based inspection software allows EMS to quickly program each of their CNC CMMs using a consistent interface, tool-set and visual cues.
Legacy Mitutoyo CNC CMM being driven by Verisurf software. The Mitutoyo, Wenzel and Coord3 programmable CNC CMMs are all driven by Verisurf software which reduces training costs while improving consistency in the inspection and reporting process.
For EMS, inspection and reporting used to be isolated in the quality lab. Today it is much more integrated with the production floor through in-process inspection using Verisurf, open CAD-based measurement software. Model-based inspection has helped close the digital loop; it feeds back to the CAD data authority, making inspection results more valuable and easier to attain, and eliminates interpretation and ambiguity concerning the design intent. Standardizing on Verisurf inspection software across the manufacturing enterprise has provided consistency of operation, quality reporting, data management, and reduced training and support costs.
familiar with the interface and can be quickly trained on any nuances associated with an added device,” added Szabo.
The addition of a laser tracker has allowed EMS to inspect larger parts, support assembly guidance and aid in toolmaking jobs undertaken by the company. Verisurf software supports each of these applications, along with reverse engineering to determine ‘best fit’ scenarios, capture missing features or complex surface profiles directly to CAD and much more.
“Now that we have a solid metrology strategy in place, creativity and innovation is showing itself in the process. Our metrology capabilities are an arsenal of problem solving tools,” said Ormai.

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