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  Precision Manufacturing teacher Cesar Guti- errez with student Brianna Rodriguez, who wrote the letter below to Mr. Gutierrez
subjects beyond programming and machining, they are becoming even more valuable to prospective employers who look for young people who can advance into positions ranging from operations management to sales engineering.”
Mr. Gutierrez is proud of the accomplishments of his students. “These are kids who would normally be spending their time being passionate about high scores in video games. Instead, they are excited about programming increasingly complex tool paths in Mastercam.” The school’s Precision Manufacturing program has not only captured the attention of the district’s teenage boys. There are also girls mastering the programming of the CNC mills and lathes. This is attested to in a letter Gutierrez received from Brianna Rodriquez, one of his graduating seniors. She says, in part, “Over the past three years, there have been many boys that I’ve surpassed in rank in my classes because I was determined to be my own absolute best. I became unafraid to assert myself in competitive situations and take charge of a project all by myself. And if it wasn’t for this program or instructor who motivated me when I was without courage or inspiration, I wouldn’t be the confident young woman I am today. This program has made my high school years the best they could have been. I’ve paved a future for myself, and not just on a
road to college but a road to a successful career and so much more. I have earned work experience, confidence, troubleshooting skills, business, and management skills. I have learned to network with people.
“This program has also given me the opportunity,” she continues, “to break the cycle of low income in my family and to prove to myself and to others, that it never really matters where you grow up, or if you’re a boy or a girl. Many students in this program have been given the chance to make use of their talents and abilities. It’s helped build me up into the confident, strong young woman that I am today and instilled a strong sense of hope in my heart for a better future for myself, for my family, and for my community.”
Many of the students go directly into industry from Desert View, others continue working part-time while they are in college. They wind up with a college degree, their NIMS certifications, and a great career. “So far, every single one of our graduates have gone on to college or into terrific jobs they secured while in our program,” says Gutierrez. “As a result, our local manufacturers are assured of a steady flow of new, highly skilled, employees and the entire community benefits.”
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