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customers, and everything else just fell into place.”
Yousuff Habibullahkhan has
been with Expedite for 21 years,
not since the beginning, but
pretty close to it. His official
title is director of operations
at Expedite Precision Works
Inc., but as a small company
with only 30 employees Yousuff,
along with the rest of the
management team wear a lot
of different hats depending on
the needs of the day. Orlando
credits him with wearing the
most hats, while operations
support, Martin Teixeira, claims
to wear only one less hat than
Yousuff. The takeaway from
the extensive hat collection
is companywide adaptability.
“When Orlando started the
company making odds and
ends for a single customer, it
is important to recognize that
the semiconductor industry is a
very volatile industry,” explains
Yousuff. “Pricing is ruthless,
things change pretty quickly.
From that starting point in the
garage to where we are now
is impressive. Over the last
28 years we’ve adapted and
evolved. Most of our customers
now come from the medical and
aerospace industries. We still do
the odds and ends, along with R
& D and pre-production, but
our main focus is on production
runs. We’ve designed the
business around our customer’s
needs. If there is a piece of
technology we need to pursue
and incorporate into our business practices, we have done that. We acquire the latest machine tools as well as maintain all items needed to excel in these industries like ISO certifications. We are ISO9001, ISO13485, and ITAR certified. All these things came about because we saw a need at the time and for the future. The semiconductor business is very cyclical; some years are very good, and others are very bad. We knew diversification was a way to avoid pitfalls and grow the business. Orlando decided that medical was the next growth opportunity for us and we made an effort to attract medical device customers.
We were able to parlay our knowledge and craft into Aerospace after that.” “Everything we do, and every machine we buy is to support our customers now and into the future,” adds Martin. “A lot of our machining centers are under 5 years old, and we have pretty extensive capabilities that include 5 axis milling, Swiss turning, EDM, surface grinding, and even laser welding. Every year the designs get more complex. To keep up with that demand we are in a constant state of investing in new equipment and software to best support our customers. Everything from our ERP software to the three Mitutoyo CNC CMMs are operating with the latest specs to best 23
CNC WEST October/November 2020
 Expedite Precision Works Inc. added their YCM FX380A 5-AXIS vertical machining center a year and a half ago to handle the complex designs and tight tolerances required of the medical, defense and aerospace industries.

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