Fagor Automation brings to you the most advanced CNC Technology available anywhere. TO FLY IN THE SKY… YOU NEED TO BE REALLY GOOD ON THE GROUND Various Aircraft Manufacturers around the Globe apply Fagor CNC technologies to reliably create highly accurate parts with exceptional structural integrity. Advance functions such as ARFS ( Adaptive Real Time Feed and Speed Control), HSSA ( High Speed Surface Accuracy), Dynamic vibration control system, Collision detection and Nano-metric resolution are helping them to create at an ever increasing speeds complex profiles that achieve higher accuracies and part finish. Integration of IIOT technologies within the CNC systems ensures continuous shared knowledge of the various processes, thus allowing for process improvements quickly and easily. CNC Systems | Digital Servo Motors & Drivers | Feedback Systems | DRO Systems | Motion Control Systems Chicago | Dallas | Florida | Los Angeles | Montreal | Atlanta | Toronto fagorautomation.us For more information: 800-4A-FAGOR or info@fagor-automation.com Adapting to your World