CNC West Dec jan 2019

CNC Systems | Digital Servo Motors & Drives | Feedback Systems | DRO Systems | Motion Control Systems We Made It 1-2-3-4 EASY! For more information: 800-4A-FAGOR or Chicago | Dallas | Florida | Los Angeles | Montreal | Atlanta | Toronto Fagor Automation...Adapting to your World Select your cycle of choice Fill in the cycle variables directly from blueprint in seconds Create your Profile if necessary instantly Simulate or Execute utilizing HD Graphics 1 3 4 2 You can choose from a number of predefined cycles, from SIMPLE to the most COMPLEX: Pocket Milling, Facing, Profile Milling, Boss, Drilling, Tapping Boring….and many more for Milling. Facing, Turning, Taper, Grooving, Threading, Profiling….and many more for Turning.