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CNC WEST October/November 2016


October/November 2016

The oldest regional industrial publica-

tion serving the Western States man-

ufacturing managers, owners and

engineers from 1 employee to those

larger plants of 5,000 or more. Its

editorials feature numerical control

applications in all size machine

shops, tooling, programming, robot-

ics and shop operations, training

personnel, financing of new equip-

ment, cutting tools and all related



Coverage extends to all of Arizona,

California, Oregon, Washington,

Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, New

Mexico and Texas.


Thomas F. Arnold (1927 - 2009)


Shawn Arnold


: Sean Buur


Charlene Strawbridge


Linda Arnold


Jennifer Hallman


(714) 840-1300

(714) 840-1300 FAX: 840-5555


CNC WEST (0747-3362) is published





Algonquin St., No. 158, Huntington

Beach, CA 92649. Periodical Rate

postage paid at Huntington Beach,

CA. and additional mailing offices

.Postmaster: Send address changes

to CNC WEST, P.O. Box 2029,

Huntington Beach, CA, 92647.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Available without

cost in U.S. only to company officials

and managers of production, manu-

facturing engineering and purchasing

agents. MUST be requested. All oth-

ers may subscribe at $10.00 per year.

Single copy $2.00. Please send paid

subscription order to Circulation

Manager, CNC West, P.O. Box 2029,

Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Publisher's notice: We assume no

responsibility for the validity of claims

in connection with items appearing in

CNC West Magazine. Addresses are

given to facilitate further inquiry.


Published every other month, October,

December, February, April, June and

August. Issued second week of the

publication month.

No portion of contents may be repro-

duced in any form without written per-

mission from the publisher.

Dream Big

It was 1976 and Tom Arnold was in a quandary. He was 50 years

old and he had just quit his job as sales manager at Industrial News the

largest regional newspaper in the metalworking industry. Health is-

sues forced him to take off work for 3 months and when he came back

to work his title changed from sales manager to salesman in the worst

territory. He stayed for a while but quit with an idea and a dream. The

dream was to start a regional metalworking magazine that rivaled the

national metalworking magazines. In 1977 he started a magazine called

Machine Tools West. This was and still is a regional metalworking

magazine with mostly advertisements. It put the hurt right away to the

Industrial News which closed down in the mid 80’s and a lot of adver-

tisers came to Machine Tools West.

Most felt he had done a good job building a rival to his old com-

pany. That was nice but that was not the dream. The dream was the

regional magazine to rival the national metalworking magazines. A

publication chalk full of articles on western region machine shops only.

He hired a well known at the time editor in Nat Wood, a photographer

named Walt Black and myself for sales and gopher work and in Octo-

ber 1981 the first issue of CNC WEST was printed. There was a lot of

blood, sweat and tears in the early years. That was 35 years ago and I

may be biased but I think we more than exceeded the dream my dad

envisioned 40 years ago.

Things are a little bit more simple now days. My wife Linda Arnold

puts the magazine together in a quarter of the time that 5 people did

back then with advances in technology. Nat, Walt and Tom have since

passed away but I think that Sean Buur and myself do an OK job of

presenting readers an interesting well read publication. Knock on wood

we will both be around for a few more years to keep the magazine go-

ing strong. And in between Nat and Sean as editors Chuck Bush did a

great job writing feature articles for us.

One of the great things I have seen over the years in this magazine

are the articles we have done about people that dreamed big. People

that worked for a company but bought a mill on the side and put it in a

garage, worked over the weekends and late at night and built up a clien-

tele and started their own company. People who dreamed like Tom did

when he started CNC WEST 35 years ago. You know what they say, if

you are going to dream you might as well dream big.


Shawn Arnold

Shawn Arnold